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Our Mission

An Aromatic Laundry Experience

Aroma Laundry Inc, dedicated to providing an affordable new way of caring for our customers garment needs.
Nelsy, our manager, with 12 years in the laundry industry, focused on returning a quality product and assuring customers, their garments are in good hands.
Santos, our driver, dedicated to delivering your items in a professional manner, all the while implementing a disinfectant process through every order.
Aroma Laundry Inc understands the needs of every individual and household family size. Let’s face it, laundry accumulates, and there is more to it than folding. With our teams effort, we provide a meticulously service, putting it away will be a breeze!
We are working diligently to open more bookings. Thank you for your stumbling upon our small family business.

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Aromatic Laundry Experiences


I work sales 50 hours a week, barely enough time to see my family. Aroma Laundry is such a convenience for me. They pick up and drop off at multiple locations including my workplace! Same day service available as well!! Give them a call, save yourself some time and trouble. Let these guys make it easy for you too!
TyPholy M.
Aroma laundry has been the best thing to happen since the start of covid 19. For those of us who don't have the luxury of having at home laundry system their services are a must. They take the stress out of having to leave your home with their door to door services. They are attention oriented and have always gone above and beyond with our laundry! They are truly amazing !!!
Nadia J.
Needed a day off from laundry and Aroma Laundry got the work done! Picked up and dropped off the same day. Easy booking by downloading the clean cloud app. All I had to do was put my clothes away!!!! Super friendly and attentive. Laundry had a great aroma and folded to perfection. Will definitely book again!
Arely H.
I was so upset when my washer and dryer broke down on me and as a mom of four, weekly laundry is essential in my home! Aroma Laundry Inc came to my rescue! They picked up my clothes before I left to work and dropped it off by the time I was done with work. Everything was neatly folded. They are super attentive, and courteous!
Tiffany H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Puedo seleccionar mi preferencia de producto de lavado?

Sí, ofrecemos productos de calidad. Seleccione sus preferencias en "Servicios de lavandería". *Cloro para ropa blanca, extra $10.00 *

Can I select my laundry product preference?

Yes, we provide quality products. Please select your preferences under Laundry Services. *Bleach Whites up-charge of $10.00*

Como es el proceso?

Una vez que se confirme su recogida y entrega, pesariamos su pedido después de que esté doblado y empaquetado. Recibirá un recibo actualizado en el momento de la entrega. También puede recibir notificaciones por SMS o correo electrónico.

Cual es el costo de servicio de lavado?

Nuestras tarifas de lavandería comienzan desde $ 1.25 / lb con un servicio semanal recurrente. Entrega de 1 a 2 días. Tarifa regular $ 1.50 / lb. Servicio el mismo día disponible tarifa de $ 5. Los edredones tienen una tarifa fija de $ 13 (twin / full) $ 17 (queen / king). Edredones de plumas / edredones de limpieza en seco tarifas iniciales de $ 20 + El blanqueador tiene un recargo de $ 10. Se le permiten hasta 5 prendas para secar colgadas gratis, indique las prendas al momento de recogerlas. ¡Agregue nuestro paquete de bienvenida por $ 10! Incluye una bolsa grande con etiquetada con su nombre, un gancho para la puerta (para camisas en perchas, ropa limpia en seco).

Do you provide service in my area?

We currently service the following cities: Chelsea, East Boston, Revere, Everett, Winthrop, Saugus, Nahant, Peabody, Lynn & Salem.

Is there a service fee?

A service fee of $5 below $30 will be applied. The fee will be waived if it exceeds the minimum of $30.

Tiene Servicio en mi area?

Tenemos servicio en la siguiente ciudades: Chelsea, East Boston, Winthrop, Revere, Everett. Saugus, Nahant, Lynn, Peabody, Salem.

What are your laundry rates?

Our laundry rates start as low as $1.25/lb with a recurring weekly service. 1-2 day turnaround. Regular rate $1.50/lb. Same day service available $5 rush fee. Comforters are a flat rate of $13 (twin/full) $17 (queen/king). Down comforters/dry cleaned comforters starting rates $20+ Bleach is a surcharge of $10. You are allowed up to 5 free hang dry items, please indícate garments at the time of pick up. Add our welcome package for $10! It Includes one large bag with name tag, a door hook (for shirts on hangers, dry clean clothes).

What can I expect?

Upon signing up you can start setting your preferences. You may book pick up at your convenience. Drop off will be scheduled personally to best accommodate your schedule. Our team does a great job at categorizing your order for a better experience at putting it away! Our clear packaging allows you to see what is in and how to access the process of organizing. During the laundry process we use free and clear detergent & Lysol disinfectant for clothes for a better clean and fresh return. Softener, bleach and oxi clean can also be used upon request. We use wool balls instead of dryer sheets, a small part to our work to help the environment. With our APP, you can track your order from pick up to drop off! An E-receipt will be given via SMS or email. Ask about our wholesale and AIR B&B packages!

What is the process like?

Once your Pick up & Delivery is confirmed, we will weight your order after it is neatly folded and packed. You will receive an updated receipt at the time of drop off. You can also receive notifications via SMS or E-mail.